Transforming Ideas into Action

Transforming Ideas into Action

PHP Event Services provides the tools needed to ensure a remarkable, one-of-a kind attendee experience!

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”
- Pablo Picasso


We have a robust network in the ever-changing travel industry and extensive global experience in negotiating and contracting with hotels. We pride ourselves on being brand agnostic and focus on finding the right venue for every event.


When securing vendors for the execution of an event, we tap our deep network of industry partners and agencies who share our approach for creating memorable, one-of-a-kind attendee experiences. These tried and tested collaborators work in tandem with us to develop distinctive and diverse programs. At the same time, we keep up on new technologies and approaches that bring creativity and a fresh approach to every event.

Creative Design and Production

Every event starts with an engaging theme, look & feel and logo. PHP Event Services brings the talents of graphics designers with specific skill and expertise in event communications to every event we manage. We understand the importance of messaging and marketing an event and work with our clients to execute compelling graphics across print and electronic communications.

Program Design

Program design is at the heart of what we do. We take our client’s ideas and goals and deliver an innovative and memorable event. We put enormous thought into designing and engaging experiences for the attendees of every event we manage and strive to exceed their expectations. Our creativity, coupled with meticulous strategic planning, enable us to let our client’s ideas shine through in every detail of the event.

Project Management

The team at PHP Event Services is adaptable and flexible and recognizes there are many ways to execute an event. We employ our years of experience to recommend best practices and concepts while listening to and incorporating our client’s goals and ideas. We use a variety of tools to keep all teams on track, and most importantly, we believe that open communication and transparency are key to ensuring a successful event.


The event registration process is often the first exposure attendees will have to the program—and first impressions count! We work with our clients to create an effective and efficient registration process for all attendee types, ensuring that key data is collected and available for reporting and planning. We also work closely with the hotel to manage the room block.